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This webpage is dedicated to support the Project Jonah organization New Zealand. Let yourself be convinced and support with a donation.
Visit their website and find out what they stand for!
Learn more about why.

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Give Well | Help Project Jonah NZ

They inspire my vision, Project Jonah turns your small gesture into bigger differences. From the hundreds of thousands of Give Well charities worldwide, I would like to bring Project Jonah organization New Zealand to your attention. Also to get you excited and warm to keep the beauty of marine mammals in their habitat. Project Jonah runs on the principle of volunteer work and a noble aim!

In 2019 I designed a donation sculpture to support Project Jonah organization NZ. After contact and enthusiastic approval from the organization this ||. Sperm Whale .|| with his Maori tattooed story can be taken to a higher level as a donation sculpture. Despite the bizarre Corona times, it can be launched digitally online. This means that there is a much longer arm to support the Jonah organization with all of our help.

Initially, the design was combined with an impressive underwater photo in the background ||. Sleeping Sperm whales .||
But on closer inspection the use of copyright is limited. Hence an impression of an exhibition space, where ||. Sleeping Sperm whales .|| are simulated as shadows.

You can link this webpage and tell or whisper to your friends why to Give Well. Help and pass this message on, on your own social media network app.
Together we can come far.

Why this organization?

This organization is in line with my art vision, to create a voice with a deeper message. Since 1974, Project Jonah's organization has been an indispensable marine mammal conservation charity. For over 45 years they have been helping marine mammals in need and supported by strong hands of volunteers. This organization deserves support and ||. chapeau .|| and that is why I promote this organization and would like to bring it to your attention. Visit their website Project Jonah organization New Zealand directly, discover and convince yourself.

Do you also think this is a good idea | Does your support help and contribute? Make your decision today and make a difference. Your support is invaluable to the conservation and protection of marine mammals in their habitat. Help Project Jonah organization New Zealand, discover and convince yourself.

Many warm thanks.

Who I Am

Who I am or have been is not that important. What I do and whether I can create a movement is much more fun to share with you. Read below and you will find briefly my expertise through work and study's.